Yoga for a Healthy Spine

  • Yoga helps increase strength in very specific muscle groups and works to strengthen all major muscle groups that support the spine.
  • The stretching postures in increase blood flow to the tissues that support the spine, improving the health of the intervertebral discs and muscles along the spine.
  • Yoga increases flexibility in your shoulders and hips, which decreases demands on your back, and yoga increases flexibility of the muscles in your back and along your spine, allowing your spine to rotate properly.
  • Yoga's focus on breathing and connecting breath with movement improves body awareness, making you more conscious of movements that may contribute to back pain.
  • The "spine lengthening" poses in yoga promote good posture and proper alignment of the vertebrae. When the spine lengthens, it naturally moves towards correct alignment. Having proper posture ensures that you are not placing undue stress upon your back.
  • Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise to ensure that you never suffer from backache. The deep stretching and spinal alignment techniques used in Yoga ensure that the spine is maintained in a flexible condition and the muscles of the back and abdomen are strengthened.
  • Some of the Yoga postures that are especially beneficial for the spine and back include the Trikonasana (The Triangle), Tadasana (Mountain Pose and the Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose).



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