Hatha Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga practice helps recognize one’s own hidden potentials – physical and mental. By the continued performance of asanas, the practitioner gains flexibility and strength, and becomes more and more relaxed under stressful conditions. Hatha Yoga's relaxation exercises help unlock the energy channels that, in turn facilitates the free flow of spiritual energy.

Certain asanas even massage and tone up the internal organs, thereby helping to prevent diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and BP. They also help harmonize and synchronize all internal and glandular functions.

On the other hand, the practice of Pranayama helps manage conditions such as asthma and bronchitis.

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Prenatal Yoga Classes

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is truly ideal for pregnant women. When practiced mindfully, yoga increases flexibility, strength, circulation and balance. Pregnancy is such a physical experience you often become hyperaware of the many changes your body is going through. Yoga allows you to adapt more gracefully to these changes and to feel a sense of integration and appreciation for your body.

Many women find that regular yoga practice helps to reduce swelling, back and leg pain, and insomnia.

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Private Lessons

What is a Private Yoga Lesson Like?

Private lessons are not only perfect for the beginner but also the seasoned Yogi.  One-on-one instruction gives you the opportunity to ask questions, to work on more challenging postures, to treat specific injuries, and the opening to deepen your practice

Each private session is designed specifically for your needs. I develop yoga asanas and meditation practices for your individual situation, taking into consideration your fitness level, stress level, and personal goals.

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Yoga for a Healthy Spine

Spinal health is of paramount importance in yoga.
The spine is seen as a vehicle through which the power of the universe may manifest in the human form. Back pain is an on-going problem for the majority of adults.

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I am Hajnalka and MintYoga is my personal brand what I set up to teach Traditional Hatha Yoga.

Teaching yoga for me is a complete joy, and I am learning every day from the people who come to my classes.They are my inspiration. I have lived in the United Sates for 9 years, where I met the deeper level of yoga, and graduated as a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher (RYT 200).
But my connection to the European culture brought me back to Budapest, where I was teaching many classes until I moved to England. Now I am setting up my classes in Bournemouth, in this beautiful city by the sea, and invite you to continue this journey with me.